Change Maker Projects and Workshops

This is the online support server for workshops, seminars and projects for Change Makers.

For Clients

When you are currently using my services you may have received all information to access all plroject related information on this site. If not, please get in touch.
After login, you will be forwarded to your part of the site. You can login right here, or through the menu in the upper right.

For Guests

My online services complement my services on premises. Possibilities vary, for example:

- Online workshops or webinars
- Online versions of the Worldcafe method or Open Space sessions
- team work with chat, forum and shared documents
- Online training or blended learning

Synchronous meetings can be conducted live as through videoconferencing. For videoconferencing, I use Zoom, Bigbluebutton or Jitsimeet. I use a version of Etherpad for documents and Spacedeck or Miro as whiteboard. Chat is possible as well, for example through Element or Discord. For all services I offer possibilties to keep all data on my own secure server. My server is hosted in Germany.

Alternatively, you can also look at my main website:

Kind regards, Kees Wiebering